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So that others may come to know a transformed
life through a holy, loving, forgiving, & accepting
God, we joyfully worship & tell of the
Good News of Christ’s love. Faith is a place where
people are encountered by and changed
by the living Christ through worship, education,
fellowship, and service in our community.

Everyone Belongs

Faith by the Lake


Worship Services

Come and Worship With Us

Sundays: 10:00 am


No upcoming events at the moment

Help Wanted

Musicians needed

guitar and/or bass, violin, organ, percussion, and/or brass instruments, or any other instrument!

Faith by the Lake is looking for local musicians to help form a worship band. Church service is on Sundays at 10:00am and all the music will be provided to you ahead of time. This is currently just a volunteer position. If you play any instrument and would like to be a part of the worship band, please contact Jenelle at (530) 743-1539. 


Faith is currently working with the Sierra Pacific Synod to call a Pastor.
At the moment, Faith is blessed with a regular schedule of Supply Pastors.
These Pastors are gracious enough to come from other areas to help officiate and spread the Good News to all of us in Marysville. 

Keep a watch on our FaceBook page to see who will be serving Faith on Sunday.


We Welcome You!

Come share in the grace of God and Holy Communion regardless of background, race, gender, sexuality, religion or spirituality, relationship status, financial status, or living arrangement. 

Contact Us

1000 D St
Marysville, Yuba County 95901


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